Take TWO- Chemo Cycle 5, Day 1

Good morning friends! Many of you probably know that I wasn’t able to get chemo last week because some of my “numbers” were too low. (The doctors draw blood before chemo each time and look at all kinds of things to determine if my body is healthy enough to receive chemo.) (I’ll attach a picture of the update from last week that will explain the numbers issue).

Not getting my treatment last week was strange for me because for so long I dreaded chemo on Thursday’s, yet I found myself sitting in the doctor’s office feeling sad and disappointed that I wasn’t able to receive my treatment. I won’t pretend and tell you that chemo is a great time physically (it’s not)- but I want and need it to fight this cancer. I think the set back last week was another one of God’s blessings in disguise because today I am READY and WANT my treatment (and I’m praying my numbers will allow that to happen.) One passage in my devotional seemed to be particularly relevant to this situation. It said “TRUST ME and don’t be afraid. I want you to view trials as exercises designed to develop your trust-muscles.” Noted!

So, these trust exercises (to keep my spirit healthy) are just as important as the exercises I’m doing in the gym to keep my body healthy. Speaking of, here’s a picture from yesterday. My coach at Orange Theroy (Melissa) has been so sweet and supportive during this process. One of her family members is battling a rare form of cancer and she knows all too well what this roller coaster is like. So, this morning I’m praying for her family…..and praying that my chemo today will go smoothly!

Thank you all for following along and caring about me. My husband Mark isn’t a blogger- but he sends his love and thanks as well 🙂

Much love,

-Holly Hollis Stars-

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