Countdown to Chemo 2.0

Hi friends. Mom and I made it to Kansas and we’re getting settled. (It’s almost 11pm so excuse me if I sound incoherent.) Because I’ll be here for the next 33 days before I can go home for a visit, it’s difficult for my friends and family to help during chemo like they’ve been wanting to (I have THE best support system). Anyway, ONLY for the people asking, here is the Link to the Go Fund Me that my friends started. They figured it might be an easy way to help out when everyone is so physically far away. Please please PLEASE do not feel obligated. I’m always hesitant to share anything like this because it feels …..vulnerable. But, welcome to cancer….right? Feeling vulnerable is part of it 😉

Tomorrow I have to get a Covid test (apparently I’ll need one before each chemo cycle). I asked the nurse if it’s the “brain tickler” test OR the newer/nicer version of the original nasal swab tests. Her response was “it’s the same swab test we’ve been using from the beginning.” Grrrrrrreat. That tells me it’s the brain tickler. I’m not a fan of things up my nose. I imagine this will go as smoothly as Geneva’s last trip to the vet. I’m just not going to think about it for now. Side note, I’d appreciate some prayers that I do NOT have the Rona. Lord have mercy I do NOT have time for that.

Also on the schedule, I have a hearing test and echocardiogram on Wednesday then Chemo starts BRIGHT and early Thursday morning. (My friend Jill is also having chemo that day… you Jill!!💜💜) I can’t have anyone with me during chemo so I’ll have plenty of time to get some work done, do some blogging, and start the process of getting these uninvited cancer cells evicted from my liver/lungs…..thank you very much!

One more prayer request- my friend KiKi’s husband Chris has been dealing with a crazy scary heart condition recently (I would describe it but I know I would fail miserably). He’s been in and out of the ICU and recently had another cardiac arrest. He’s the same age as my husband Mark (they actually share one cardiologist). Anyway, I’ve been thinking about her so much recently because I’ve been in her shoes. I’m hoping they can figure out what’s wrong and get him home soon.

I need to get some sleep….goodnight friends. Thanks for all the Love💜

xo ⭐️Holly Hollis Stars⭐️

Link to Holly’s Go Fund Me

p.s. I also got a haircut. It’s drastic for me….but I figured it might be time. This new chemo regimen is certainly not going to make my hair thicker…..but I’m hoping I don’t have to shave it. Either way, as long as I’m alive, that’s what matters. Out with the old, in with the new😘

New haircut, who dis?

9 thoughts on “Countdown to Chemo 2.0

    1. Hi Holly, just want to let you know that our Simple Church prayer team will be praying for you as you go through this stressful period. We are praying for your total and complete healing – Our God is able to do above and beyond anything we can ask or think!💕


  1. As always Holly, you inspire ALL of us. As for the hair, have fun with it, try different looks!
    Cyndi Lauper, Joan Jett, Sinead O’Connor come to mind…OWN IT!!

    Continued & Constant Prayers from Grand Coteau…
    ~Travis J. Stelly


  2. Beautiful as ever. Prayers for a quick 33 days and successful eviction of those cancer cells🙏💜 in Gods name we claim it.


  3. To the most inspirational woman ever! You’ve got this! You have gotten so many cancer survivors thru hard or scary times. I don’t even know you, yet you have done more for me mentally than anyone I know during this time. You are amazing and once again, you and god will evict those cancer cells from your body once and for all! 🥰


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