Let’s Talk Lashes

Morning friends! Another 6am blog post for you (this seems to be the only time during the week when I have a little time). After tomorrow’s treatment I will officially be “halfway” through chemo! (Can I get an amen?!) I’ve noticed lately that get a lot of questions about two things: (1.) “How long will you be doing chemo?” and (2.) “Will you lose your eye lashes and eye brows?” Equally valid questions.

On the chemo: the plan is for me to complete 6.5 to 8 “cycles” of chemo. My cycles are 21 days long and I receive 2 chemo infusions during each cycle (on day 1, on day 8, and I have day 15 “off”). Most likely I will be doing 8 cycles because the doctors want to shrink down the tumor in my breast as much as possible before surgery. So when I say I’m almost “halfway”, that’s assuming I will be completing 8 full cycles. They could always add more depending on how I’m responding, but that is the general plan for now.

On to the lashes: I’ve been told that my lashes and most (if not all) of my eyebrows will fall out eventually during chemo (which as a woman, I am not looking forward to, naturally). So far, my lashes and brows have thinned out….but I do still have some thankfully 🙂 The cold caps I’m using so far have helped me keep about 70% of my hair (I’ll blog about that at a later date)…..but I am not aware of any new technology that can prevent me from losing my brows and lashes, and that’s okay. They’ll grow back eventually 🙂 Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday! xo- Holly-

p.s. Here are some pictures from this weekend (OTF and The Best Dressed Ball benefiting the American Cancer Society…..brows and lashes still hanging on!)

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