Thanking My Lucky Stars: Wedding Video!

Since a lot of our family is not on social media so I wanted to share our full wedding video!

On June 18, 2018 I didn’t feel like a “cancer patient” or someone who might be living on borrowed time. I just felt like a bride. Mark and I have been through a few more challenges as newlyweds than we expected, but I’m proud of how far we’ve come over the last 5 months and that we’ve been able to lean on each other and not lose faith in God’s plan. I thank my lucky stars every single day that I met Mark and that he is the person standing beside me through all of life’s joys and challenges. I love you Mark Stars.  I still can’t believe we planned a wedding in a little over a week…. and that certainly would not have been possible without our amazing friends, family, and team of people supporting us. Shannon Talamo is so talented and we hope you enjoy our wedding video. 🙂 I promise to update everyone on the latest pet scan results as soon as I have them.


Holly Hollis Stars



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