Chemo Cycle 6, Day 8

Hi friends! I have a few updates from this week, but I’m not feeling well so I’ll keep it short (or try to). Chemo treatment #11 went smoothly on Thursday…..but I do need to clarify a few things.

Last week I *thought* my oncologist said that she was measuring the tumor around 2cm (width) by 4cm (length). When I asked her on Thursday she said she remembered measuring it around 2.5cm (width) by 4cm (length). So I need to change my blog from last week and update that information.

THIS week her measurement was “about 3cm (width) by 4cm (length)”. She said that from last week to this week she didn’t feel any big changes and that we need to keep an eye on the “big picture” ……making sure the tumor is getting softer and smaller over time. I also remember my oncologist in Dallas telling us that these tumors can “swiss cheese” and break up from the inside. My Baton Rouge oncologist said it will be important that my Dallas oncologist can feel a change in the tumor now compared to the last time she examined me this summer.

So, our plan is to keep praying, stay the course, and trust our medical team. I will admit, the closer I get to the end of this “chemo block” (16 treatments), my body is feeling very fatigued and worn down. So as a result, I’m trying to listen to my body and rest, but still make healthy choices every day. I’m hoping I can squeeze in a couple of Orange Theroy workouts this week since I have a break from chemo on Thursday.

Speaking of this “break” from chemo…….my “off” weeks have been more challenging physically because my white blood cell count drops to its lowest 7-14 days after chemo. My throat hurts ALL the time and the steroids they are giving me aren’t very fun. With that being said, I’m still go grateful that God is keeping my body strong enough to fight, and my spirit strong enough to trust in his plan.

We know the Lord is the great physician and we ask every day for healing. Thank you so much for the continued prayers and support. It really means the world to us.


-Holly Hollis Stars-

8 thoughts on “Chemo Cycle 6, Day 8

  1. Omgosh! Holly…I’m so sorry Reading this I see you have been putting on a strong front, you are such an amazing soul! As I’m writing this that old cliché came to me “it’s darkest before the dawn” I truly believe this is your case too…Why else would that pop in my head? I feel I was supposed to share that with you! I can’t even imagine how horrible your body must feeling dealing with this chemo! @$@%#*!!! But I’ve never seen a fighter more brave!!! And how you remain So gorgeous thru it all no matter what is nothing short of amazing! 😍 And to still be working out!💪🏻 I’d be lying in bed licking my wounds. Seriously! Your a true inspiration! Hang in there my friend!! I will keep the prayers coming your way strong!! Love to you and Mark…Take great care!! I feel good news is coming!! 🙏🙌🏻💗🙏🙌🏻💕 Love you…Linda 💕

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  2. My precious girl is fighting and staying in the Word of our Lord, Jesus. I was able to spend the weekend with her and she and Mark are so thankful for all the love, support and prayers being prayed over them. Please pray specifically this week that Holly feels better and that her white blood count doesn’t drop so low this time. Please pray for good results in Dallas and keep praying! Love to all, The Mom

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  3. You are such a warrior! I can’t imagine how exhausted you must be. I hope you get some much needed rest and treat yourself with the same loving kindness that you’ve always shared with everyone else. Proud of you friend and praying for you always.

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  4. Holly, I pray Psalm 139 over you. May the Lord walk in front of you, behind you, and place His hand of blessings on your head.

    Hang in there and keep your eyes only on Him 💕

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