Calm before the Chemo Storm: Test Results

Hi friends!  It’s Wednesday evening and I figured I should update everyone before things get crazy with another round of the Red Devil coming up tomorrow (oh boy!) Like most people I have talked to, it seems like right when you start feeling normal again (yesterday and today) it’s time for another poisoning! 😉  It’s okay though.  I’m just thankful I’m healthy enough to receive treatment and know God will give me the strength I need to get through another treatment.

My PET Scan results from last week came back (I have not seen the radiologist report yet but received general impressions from my oncologist, so I figured it was safe to share at this point).  More positive progress!  Thank you Lord! The left breast is still showing active cancer but it is “less bright” (less metabolic) than my last PET scan- so we are excited that my body is still responding to treatment.  The breast is currently the only area that is “lighting up” on my PET scan.  On my first scan if you remember, my sternum, lymph nodes, breast, and liver lit up.  Look how far we have come.  God is so faithful. I still have 3 more rounds of the A/C chemo (the Red Devil) which includes the treatment tomorrow- so hopefully the last 3 treatments will get us where we need to be.  Yes, the tumor is still measuring around 2.5cm by 3cm last time we checked….but the doctors seem to be encouraged by the PET scan.

I also found out this morning that I am a candidate for surgery! I can’t tell you how uplifting that is to Mark and I. Originally, I was not automatically a candidate for surgery (somewhat of a long shot actually).  But, the positive progress with my liver seemed to be part of the determining factor.  That doesn’t mean I’m “cured” by any means but it is certainly is progress in the right direction!  I’ll be meeting with a surgeon over the next couple of weeks to get an opinion on what type of surgery will be best for my particular situation and to discuss options.  The goal is to get me as close to NED as possible (no evidence of disease).  Speaking of NED, my friend Victoria who lives in NYC (also young and triple negative) told me she would repeat “NED” over and over again while she was going through chemo.  When I feel good enough to work out (which I did this week!) I definitely take time to first thank God for how lucky I have been during this journey and second, to ask for complete heading….(NED! NED!)

(Pics below are from this week.  I got 40 splat points yesterday. I’m not sure whether to be proud or alarmed?)  Anyway, the first picture is with Simone (a breast cancer SURVIVOR) and Cam (a veteran and former sergeant in the marines).  Two tough cookies!  The second picture is with another one of my favorite OTF instructors, Courtney.  She is kind, a mom of FOUR, and has worn my #hollyannstrong bracelet since the day I gave it to her. Courtney and Cam always make time to ask how I’m doing and continue to be so positive and encouraging.  Little things like that really make a difference.  So- if anyone is still reading, do me a favor and take some time to reach out to someone this week.  Show them you care.  You never know what a person might be going through- and you could make a difference.

Lashes are still missing in action.

Moving on….Biopsy Results:  Since my tumor has not been responding like a typical triple negative tumor, I had another biopsy last week to make sure. (Yes, another prison yard shanking….but I’m getting used to them by now).  The results confirmed my triple negative status.  Which is  what we expected.  So, I’m still a unicorn 🙂  Speaking of unicorns- how amazing is this drawing?  My friend Elizabeth Hammett teamed up with Garic Jenkins and THIS is the result (pic below).  I love it SO much.  Elizabeth has been so wonderful to me since the day I met her and this unicorn surprise is just one example of that.  Apparently t-shirts with my unicorn warrior logo should be available to order soon- so stay tuned if you want one! 🙂  If it’s ready, I think I’ll wear the unicorn warrior shirt to my last day of chemo on December 13th because you know, priorities.

(Update- apparently you can already order the T-Shirts…copy and paste the link below in your browser if you are interested).  As always, please do not feel pressure to order anything.  Your prayers are enough!

Tomorrow my sweet friends Vicki and Sarah (along with my husband) will be on the “cold cap crew”.  I have a couple friends that will be dropping by as well.  I’m still amazed at how generous everyone has been with their time since I’ve been diagnosed.  My friend Lauren dropped by to bring me lunch today just because….and she has cooked for Mark and I more times than I can count.  It sounds cliché, but something like this really does show you how wonderful the world can be.

That’s all for tonight.  I’m off to hydrate, rest, and rejoice because we have so much to be thankful for.  As always, keep the prayers coming and thank you for following along.



Holly Hollis Stars

10 thoughts on “Calm before the Chemo Storm: Test Results

  1. Holly, I’m praying for you sweet girl. Chemo can be real hard, I was so sick and in the hospital 5 times out of my 6 treatments. I almost died on 3 of my treatments. GOD pulled me right on through as HE will you too. HE awesome plans for your life as HE has mine, so rest now while all these “formalities” are going on because you’re gonna be real busy doing all HE has for you to do when this is all over! I love you. Keep us posted sweet girl!


  2. Great news Holly!! You sure set the bar high for strength and positivity!! Continued prayers sent and I can’t wait to rock my Unicorn T-shirt!! 😃🙏💪🤗

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  3. Holly Ann Hollis Stars

    You are an amazing girl. We have only ran into each other a hand full of times in the 18 years since we graduated high school, but every single time you were always wearing that amazing smile. I’m so happy (but not surprised) to see you are still wearing it through all you are going through. The integrity, faith, and strength that you have expressed through all of this is inspiring to me and anyone who has followed this blog.

    You keep up the good work. We will keep the prayers coming.

    Joey Riggin

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