Quick Update (and a Little Emotional Waterboarding)

Hi friends! I’m in the airport and have a couple minutes before I have to leave, so I figured now would be a good time for a quick update. Tomorrow I’m having an MRI of my abdomen to check my liver. I haven’t had an MRI of this area since before my double mastectomy (see previous explanations about tissue expanders). But, now that we are post reconstruction surgery….expanders are out, implants are in….and it’s back to getting MRI’s. I would really appreciate prayers for clean scans if you have some time! 💜 If you read my last blog you’ll remember that there was a small area that lit up on my last PET/CT Scan (November 2019). As a result, on Friday I’m getting a CT scan of my chest to check the “stringy” things that lit up on the PET. It’s possible that it was just a leftover infection from a bad cold…..there’s also a chance that it could be “something else” aka a reoccurrence (which is scary…..I hate to even say that out loud or in print). There’s nothing quite like SCAN-xiety. You’d think this would get easier…..nope! I jokingly call it emotional water-boarding…..but I think that’s fairly accurate. Granted, I’m not sure what actual waterboarding would be like, but I can only assume it is unpleasant. I just want to live guys. Life has been so SO good since I finished chemo. I’m just praying these scans are clear, straightforward, and we can think about something else for awhile. Either way, this is the time to TRUST in God’s plan. I can’t control the outcome…..but I can control my attitude and my faith in God. So, here’s to trusting God’s plan, sucking it up, and putting one foot in front of the other (and mayyyyybe crying in the bathroom if you need to, just sayin).

To end on a positive note- I feel so lucky that I have so much support from my friends and family. Having people check in and tell me they are praying for means so much.

I apologize for the quick post- but I’ll be sure to update everyone after I have the scan results. Thank you for all the love.

⭐️Holly Hollis Stars⭐️

P.S. Since a picture of my shoes in an airplane is not particularly entertaining, here are some pictures from my friend’s birthday party last weekend….and the commercial that aired this week 🙂 I finally had my moment on The Bachelor guys!😊😁🤷🏻‍♀️ Also…..how do I get a ticket to the “After the Final Rose” filming? Someone hook a sista up! (If you don’t watch The Bachelor this won’t make sense.) I’m getting disapproving looks from the flight attendant so I better go. Thanks again for all of the support💜

I’m back! And before I go to bed, I’ll add my latest Instagram post for those who aren’t on social media. Anyone who needs a good series to watch on Netflix- I highly recommend the documentary “Cheer”- you’ll want to binge the whole season. You’re welcome💜

13 thoughts on “Quick Update (and a Little Emotional Waterboarding)

  1. John and I just held hands (muted they darn impeachment he’s watching), and said a strong prayer for clean results. Much love, prayers, and hugs for you, dear Holly! Your strength inspires us all!

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  2. Praying in Bernice Louisiana for you Holly, for you to have clean scans and an incredible report! Loved you all your life! Laurie Myers Bailey Johnson


  3. Praying for good results and clear scans❣️❣️❣️
    Tomorrow is check in with my oncologist.
    Praying for both of us❤️


  4. I’ve alerted everyone at East Ridge Country Club to be praying for you Holly and for clean scans. People who I know are praying are Ms. Lorene Terrell, Ms. Lois Morris, Pastor Howard Darby, Morris Brantley, Staff in the office, Card ladies, Kay Mercer and her Sunday School Class and of course, your Aunts and Uncles, Cousins and all family. Love you Baby Girl. Mom

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