Scan Results (again)

Hi friends. For those that don’t have Instagram, here is my scan update from today. I’ll write more later, but for now I need to take a step back, breathe, and focus on our plan of attack. When I know what that plan entails, I’ll definitely update everyone. I’m disappointed, but I know this is part of it. There will always be setbacks and things to overcome in life, this just happens to be mine. We will keep trying until the perfect treatment comes along….or I get my miracle❤️.

(A casual straight jacket.)

Onward and forward.

Please continue to pray for us to find the right treatment plan and for peace while we wait.❤️

p.s. I celebrated my birthday this month….my 4th birthday since being diagnosed. I call that a win. Here’s a little summary of my birthday dinner…and my actual birthday (spent at chemo).



⭐️Holly Hollis Stars⭐️

8 thoughts on “Scan Results (again)

  1. I’m praying that you find a winning treatment, but in the meantime your positivity is so important.
    Thinking of both you and Mark always!

    June Wittig


  2. You are such a strong young lady! Keep the faith… wanting you to be healed soon is my prayer!! 🙏🏼


  3. By your resilience, sweet lady, you will find THE treatment and your wisdom through this experience will benefit so many others in so many ways! I love you⚡️


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